Nana loves clean grout, and you will too!

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We are a tile, stone, and grout care company. Our process reversed aging grout. Improve your tile and grout appearance, for ever.

My Clean Grout reverses the grout aging process.

We have been proudly saving tile, stone, and grout from Edmonton's landfill since 2007. Our process can reverse the grout aging process without grout removal, and it's environmentally friendly. We understand grout, problems associated with grout, and how to clean grout under many different circumstances. 

For 15 years, we have built our reputation cleaning many of Edmonton's residential floors, counters, and showers; we are ready for new markets and new challenges. We have joined Boma to learn about the commercial marketplace; what problems do Boma members have with grout?  We are interested in how tile and grout are being managed. If you are experiencing a continuous problem, please contact us; maybe we can help. 

We have another important job we sell "The Terminator" and "Sally Steamer" they are both professional bed bug treatment tools. Dry steam machines boil tap water, creating steam in seven minutes, heating to 350F/150C with a 7.5 psi. Plenty of heat to remove generations of eggs and larvae on contact. 

Chemicals harm people, not bed bugs, because chemicals do nothing about the billion eggs waiting to hatch; our two professional steam tools remove both larvae and eggs due to the highly concentrated heat of steam. Using chemicals also disrupts furniture around a room to begin new colonies of eggs and an invasion begins, costing thousands in building renovations and furniture removal, which someone resells, and the problem begins somewhere else.

Pest Control Companies rely on professional steam machines; at 160F, all bed bugs and eggs are eradicated; our machines drop to 300F when working. Even if you had a bad day, you would still have results. Having continuous steam, and being portable at 20 pounds, it is easy to use, doesn't take much room to store and has many other uses. If you suspect a problem, using one of these machines daily by your cleaning staff will begin the process of removing the problem yourself and your space will be cleaner with no chemicals. has Canadian pricing on both "The Terminator" and "Sally Steamer" and are very good at their jobs, the next time you have an issue, maybe you'll try a safer option to tackle this evasive problem.

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We look forward to meeting you as we discover the many benefits of BOMA.

Sue Ostrowski

My Clean Grout

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Reversing the grout aging process with our amazing service. When grout gives you grief contact My Clean Grout for a solution. 780-417-9080


Nana loves clean grout, and you will too!
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